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Costilla County Housing Authority

Costilla County Housing Authority

The Costilla County Housing Authority is dedicated to providing and sustaining quality affordable housing by being innovative, performance-oriented, and results driven. We work to establish effective partnerships and sound fiscal practices to benefit the quality of life in the San Luis Valley.

A family’s rent is calculated based upon family size and family income. When an applicant first apples for assistance, the staff make an initial determination of preliminary eligibility or ineligibility. This requires full-verification of the family’s income and other eligibility documents. The family is then placed on the waiting list for the house size best suited for them. As the family moves up on the waiting list and reaches a point where they are at the top of the list and there is a unit available that meets their respective housing need, then final eligibility is determined.

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Step 1: Complete application along with all the documentation that is required

Step 2: Submit application/ documentation

Step 3: Follow up with status of application

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