(719) 672-3379 [email protected]

Q:  What are the hours of operation?

A: Monday-Friday 8a.m.-4:30p.m.
B: Holiday and after-hours maintenance is available. You can contact Rusty at 719-992-1367

Q:  Where am I on the waiting list?

A: No waiting list, call periodically

Q:  Do you provide emergency housing?

A: No

Q:  What paperwork must I bring in with me to fill out an application?

A: Everything is included in the application for what is required

Q:  Can I have a pet?

A: Not all properties allow pets, call prior.

Q:  Where is your office located?

A: 915 Pedro St, San Luis, CO 81152

Q:  Who is eligible for housing?

A: Anyone-even if you are single we still have housing available for you.  Contact our office for further information!

 (719) 672-3379

[email protected]

915 Pedro St, San Luis, CO 81152
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